About the Author

Gregory Russell Piché, J.D practices law under the name and style of Singularity Legal, PLLP in Denver, Colorado. He worked in public relations for the Ford Motor Company in the summers of 1963 to 1967, while obtaining a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan. His grandfather worked for the Dodge Brothers as their assistant treasurer, charged with the task, among others, of making amends to bar owners damaged by the Dodges’ weekend hijinks. Stories about Henry Ford and the Dodge Brothers have long been a part of his interest and imagination.

He attended law school at the Detroit College of Law (now Michigan State University Law School). He made many appearances before trial and appellate courts, and was twice nominated as a candidate for the Colorado Court of Appeals by the Colorado Supreme Court Nomination Commission. He teaches health care law and ethics in a graduate degree program at the University of Colorado/Denver School of Business, and served as Chairman of the Colorado Bar Association Litigation Section and Chairman of the Bar’s Jury Reform Committee that installed “one day/one trial” jury service system in Colorado. He has also represented, pro bono, death row inmates in Oklahoma and Texas.

Gregory R. Piché is the named author of two prior books, Woestendiek et al. v. Walker (which he didn’t know about until recently), and Sham Peer Review: The Power of Immunity and the Breach of Trust — both available on Amazon. The former was published by the United States Supreme Court in 2011, and contains the briefs he wrote in a Libel case before the Court. The latter, Sham Peer Review: The Power of Immunity and the Breach of Trust, was self-published in 2012 for the benefit of physicians in peer review trouble.

Piché is an experienced speaker in national and state forums and is available for speaking engagements.

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